This beautifully detailed and richly decorated statue of Our Lady of Loreto was carved for Our Lady of Loreto Church in Worcester, MA.

We begin a special project usually with a sketch to be approved by our client. Then a clay model, called a bozzetto, is made as a guide to the woodcarver.  This three dimensional form allows him to plan his work. Above we have two pictures of the bozzetto for a statue of St. Albert the Great. This model is 3/4 round with a flat back for hanging on a wall. The two photos to the right show the resulting statue, carved in lindenwood and lightly painted.
Wood carved Nativity Figures are an old tradition with legend attributing their beginning to Saint Francis of Assisi. This series to the left is a design of the famous woodcarver Kostner. The roots of woodcarving go back hundreds of years in the  Val Gardena area of the Italian Dolomites.

The sets can be purchased as individual pieces with the Holy Family, Gloria Angel, four Shepherds, three Wise Men, three sheep, two lambs, the Ox and Donkey, along with a Camel and Camel Driver priced separately. Available in many sizes, a wood carved stable is made for all. Sizes given are the average height of each standing figure.

This set is available in fiberglass in the larger sizes suitable for outdoor use at Christmas. We will be happy to send along prices and delivery information to you.

Call now to plan for a Christmas, 2017 delivery.

Click here more detailed Nativity information and prices.                                                                                                      Click here for Nativity figure illustrations.

Contact Richard Chartrand for details of subjects and sizes along with prices for your church or institution.

Call or Email with your inquiries. We will respond quickly to your requests.

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Carved wooden statuary has been a tradition in the Church for hundreds of years. The area around the village of Ortisei, high in the beautiful Italian Dolomites has been the center of woodcarving since the 16th century.

Today, the tradition continues here with hundreds of master carvers working here. The craft has been handed down generation to generation.

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We have recently completed a beautiful statue of Saint Margaret. To see more of the development of this project from design to realization, click here.
This original handcarved Pietà is the work of Ferdinand Stuflesser. The under photo shows the carving as it was finished. The sculpture was then lightly polychromed in traditional colors. It is available for immediate delivery. This masterpiece measures 32" high and would be a wonderful addition to many a church or chapel. Please inquire for price and shipping details.
Our Lady Queen of Heaven is a full round round statue with the Virgin Mary holding the Infant Jesus, certainly a beautiful addition to any religious setting. We have many more models and can send along illustrations of these to you for your inspection.


Above and to the right, we show the creation of a statue of St. Albert the Great. From a rough sketch, we proceed to make the clay model. This became the guide from which the finished work was carved. The completed statue is 3/4 round with a flat back for hanging on a wall, measures 4'0" high and is lightly painted with gold leaf highlights.
This handsome statue of St. Dominic is in stock and ready for immediate delivery. It is completely handcarved, full round, lightly painted and measures 40" high. The special price is $8,750.00, F.O.B. the shop, subject to prior sale.

At Dominic’s baptism, legend tells us that a star appeared over his forehead. Again, by his life and preaching, Dominic became a beacon light, guiding souls to Christ. We often see St. Dominic pictured with a book, a reference to a vision recounted in the Golden Legend in which Peter and Paul give him the book and urge him to go into the world and preach. According to the Golden Legend, St. Dominic's mother dreamed that she would give birth to a dog who would hold a torch in its mouth and would "burn the world." It has been suggested that the dog represents a pun on Dominicanus, the word for a Dominican friar, and domini canis, "dog of the Lord." At any rate, a dog is often shown at the saint's feet holding a torch in its mouth.


For a very special Crucifix in the style of Cimabue -                                                                      Click here for more information.

Click here to see models of the newly proclaimed saints - John XXIII and John Paul II.

We presently have in stock at the shop a woodcarved statue of St. Anthony with the Child Jesus, ready for immediate delivery. This is full round, and painted in traditional colors measuring 20" high.

St. Anthony wears the traditional Franciscan habit,  holds the Child Jesus and has a lily in his left hand. The special price, F.O.B. the shop is $1,635.00.

This statue is subject to prior sale.

This model is also available to order in different sizes in both carved wood and fiberglass.