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A completed mosaic for a floor.
The talented craftsmen select each tile, cut to shape and assemble the work.
Larger projects are worked on in sections, laid out over the full size drawings, to be ready for the final assembly.
Florentine Mosaic differs from Venetian Mosaic in that this form uses natural stone, usually marble pieces in various colors painstakingly cut and fitted together in such a way that there is a perfect fit with no spaces. This style seen in many churches in Europe still can be reproduced in our shops today.

Below, we see the coat of arms for a bishop reproduced in Florentine Mosaic.

A Full size cartoon for a Byzantine style Nativity.


Large panel of Venetian Mosaic of St. Ghevont and St. Vartan ready for final installation.                                      St. John's Armenian Church   Southfield, MI

The Transfiguration

Since the fourth century, the mural mosaic form has been widely used in Christian churches from Rome and Constantinople to the famous works in Ravenna and Torcello. The ancient stone work was made more beautiful by using the glass forms developed in Venice. At the end of the 13th century, the Doge of the Venetian Republic declared that all the glass furnaces be moved to the island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon. This was to guard their glassmaking secrets envied by all others. Today, the island remains as the center of artistic glass production for the glass tessarae, (the small colored glass pieces which comprise a mosaic), and operates as it did centuries ago, using the same Byzantine and Roman techniques developed and refined since that time.

The Murano glass works produce over 50,000 different colors in mosaic glass. In the studio today, we can select from over two thousand hues of color tesserae to realize these brilliant and most durable designs. The tesserae begin as sheets of molten glass poured out, cooled and then broken up into different dimensions. From our scale drawings full size sketches are made for the artisans to follow. Each tile is hand selected, cut and chipped to fit the design rendering and placed on the full size drawing. The tiles are held in place with a mesh with glue with a completed work comprising many of these interlocking panels.

Usually, the completed panels are shipped to us here in the United States, where our workers install the completed work on a cement or "mud" base for a permanent, everlasting installation.

Let us explore the possibility of a beautiful project for you.  You might consider our Venetian mosaic for a floor area, a coat of arms, or a table top with a scenic or floral motif, or a ceiling or wall application in your church. We are capable of working not only for your church, but also for your home, office, or public space. We are pleased to offer our design and shop facilities to you.


Detail from a small mosaic panel of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Presentation

Floor mosaic for a Greek Orthodox church.