Tabernacle No. 1

The traditional Agnus Dei design - the lamb and the seven seals is most appropriate for a tabernacle. The quatrefoil pattern extends out to the door panel with its rich floral hand chased pattern.

This is a strong safe with an ornamented brass door and decorative frame that extends beyond the safe. This style is meant to be inserted into a wall, or perhaps an oak enclosure or marble column.

This is all handcrafted in two standard sizes. The larger size extends to 22-1/2" high by 25-1/4" wide. The door opening is 9-1/2" high by 11-1/2" wide. The smaller size extends to 17-1/2" high by 18-1/4" wide. The door opening is 6-3/8" high by 8" wide. There is a substantial vault type lock with an ornamented key.

The interior is gold lined. As shown in a goldplated finish, the larger size costs $11,995.00 and the smaller size is $8,575.00.


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Tabernacle No. 2

This beautiful medieval style tabernacle would be suitable for many of our newer church buildings as well as an older European cathedral.

With typical Gothic arches and tracery, images of the Twelve Apostles are presented on three sides. The reliefs are set on an enameled background in blue. The interior is goldlined.

The tabernacle has double doors and measures 20" wide by 20" high by 12" deep. The double door opening is 8-1/4" high by 15" wide. There is a substantial vault type lock with an ornamented key.

The price as shown, all goldplated is $19,995.00. Available also in silverplate, the price is $18,695.00.




Here we show just a few of the tabernacles that we offer for your church or chapel. Let us work with you to work on a design that is particularly suitable for your use. We can work in traditional styles and material as well as contemporary concepts.

Perhaps one these tabernacles shown below will be a start for your project search. We are always happy to offer our design services to work with your ideas and budget.









Tabernacle No. 3

This very significant Baroque style tabernacle exhibits the skill of the Molina craftsmen. The rich ornamentation shows scenes of the life of Christ. The four statuettes represent the Four Evangelists.

The door frame is adorned with a graceful cloisonné fire enamel filigree design.  The columns are reminiscent of the columns of the Baldachin at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The interior is richly finished in a high gloss 24 karat goldplate.

The tabernacle measures 33-1/2" tall by 23-5/8" wide by 16-1/2" deep and weighs 141 pounds. The double door opening measures 10-1/2" high by 13-3/4" wide. There is a substantial vault type lock with an ornamented key.

The price as shown to the left in all goldplate is $43,195.00 The cost in a silverplate finish is $41,995.00.





















Tabernacle No. 4

This contemporary shape makes a perfect background for this traditional rendition of the Twelve Apostles.

In bas-relief the twelve representations are full figured with each personally identifiable. The entire front is two doors opening between St. Peter and St. Matthew. The substantial vault type lock is cleverly hidden under the flap of St. Matthew's purse. The key is ornamented.

This is made in two sizes. The smaller size measures 11-1/2" high by 19" wide and 11" deep. It is $13,395.00, silverplated as shown and $13,995.00 in the goldplated finish.

The larger size measures 15-3/4" high by 20-7/8" wide by 12-5/8" deep. It is $15,875.00 in the silverplated finish and $16,550.00 in the goldplated finish.
















Tabernacle No. 5

The Good Shepherd knows His sheep. Represented on the door of this tabernacle, this size and motif is quite suitable for a small chapel. Cast in aluminum there is a single door with a substantial lock.

The tabernacle measures 11" high by 10" wide and 10-1/4" deep.

The cost is $2,490.00 including delivery from Spain. Other finishes are available upon request.









We can  respond to your special requirements. Whether you wish a change in the design, size, or finish, we can develop detailed drawings for your approval. Our design experience goes back three generations, and our association with the Molina family in Madrid goes back over thirty years.

Purchases may be subject to sales tax. Religious institutions may submit a certified exempt purchaser certificate.

We will be happy to serve you.





Tabernacle No. 6

On this very nicely finished tabernacle, the heavily textured door serves as a background for dark red enameled symbols of the Four Evangelists.

This tabernacle measures 7-1/2" high by 9-1/2" wide and 7-1/4" deep - just the right dimensions for a small chapel. The single door opening measures 5" high and 8" wide. There is a substantial lock and key.

As shown in the silverplated finish, the cost is $4295.00. It is also available in a brass finish at $4,195.00.














Tabernacle No. 7

We show this small brass tabernacle in a silverplated finish with a heavy relief antiqued symbol of wheat and grapes, so appropriate for the Eucharist. The lock and key are strong and sturdy.

This is very suitable for the small chapel or oratory. The overall measurements are 9" wide by 7-1/4" high and 6-3/4" deep. The cost is $4,325.00. Other finishes are available.















Tabernacle No. 8

Shown in an antique silverplated treatment, this model, made of brass, is available in other finishes. The polished cross in the center of the contemporary door design is emphasized by the rays emanating from it. The strong door has vault type lock.

The smaller of two sizes is 9" wide by 7-1/4" high and 6-1/2" deep at a cost of $4,325.00.

The larger size is 12-1/4" wide by 9-3/4" high and 8-3/4" deep and costs $5,490.00.

Other finishes are available on request.













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Tabernacle No. 9

This model is shown in an antique bronze finish with a wheat motif on the front surface. The sides have a matching textured finish. The interior is gold in finish and there is a sturdy lock with the keyhole discreetly placed in a not noticeable location.

The tabernacle measures 11-1/4" high, by 13-5/8" wide and 9-1/2" deep. The cost is $2,695.00.

Also available in a silverplated finish, the cost is $2,995.00


The matching candlesticks are $300.00 per pair and come with a candle socket to take a standard 1-1/2" diameter candle. These measure 5-5/8" high. The matching sanctuary lamp measures 9-1/2" high and has adjustable bolts to take a standard glass or plastic enclosed weekly candle. The cost is $795.00.


















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