Handcarved Statue of Saint Margaret
We were called upon to create a statue of Saint Margaret in wood to complement an existing woodcarved statue in a large church. The building is a late 19th century Gothic structure with beautiful old stained glass windows from the Mayer Studio in Munich. High in sanctuary there is a window of St. Margaret. The window became the inspiration for our design.
From the window, and after consultation with our client, we created a color rendering for the statue.

From our rendering, our carver then created a small clay model shown to the right,  called a bozzetto.

To the left, we show the carving just underway, with the bozzetto and rendering in the background.




Master carver, Matteo Moroder, is pictured with mallet and chisel as he works in the shop on the lindenwood block.


The handcarved statue, now richly decorated is finished. The model is 3/4 round with a flat back back, made to hang on a wall. Lightly painted with gilt and detailed ornamentation, the completed statue is shown to the right with a larger detailed photo to the left. Note the book with its ornate clasp and the rich decoration of the garments.


To the right is the the detail of the carving completed after many hours of skilled work.

The statue is ready for the painter.


































































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