How do you plan for a statue for your church or garden?
How is your statue produced?

After discussing your requirements, we produce a sketch and often times a bozzetto for your approval. A bozzetto is a clay model complete in every detail in a smaller size usually than the final work. Changes to the model can be made at this time. Whether working in word, marble, or bronze, the craftsman will use this model in the final working stages, as he measures his work and compares it the model. Bronze statuary is cast usually the lost wax process. Marble and wood are carved and chiseled by hand. The wooden works are usually lightly painted, but may be stained or gilt. With fiberglass, we are usually limited to subjects for which we have existing molds.

At the top right of this page, we show the original sketch for a statue of the Archangel Gabriel. Below that is the gray clay bozzetto - and then the final cast bronze statue.

Perhaps you have a subject in mind for the statue. It might the patron saint of the parish, a saint to whom much devotion is given by the congregants, a statue of Mary,  the Holy Family, or a figure of St. Francis of Assisi for the garden.

What medium should be used for this work?  For outdoor use we recommend marble, bronze, or fiberglass.

Bronze, the durable alloy of copper and zinc or tin is almost indestructible. The material develops a warm patina over the years - a lasting material. And then there is marble. For centuries marble traditionally has been used for the finest statuary. We use the finest quality white marble from Carrara, the same quarries that Michelangelo sourced for his Pietà. Fiberglass allows for fine detail and finishes that can approximate bronze or white marble. Like a boat hull, fiberglass can withstand the summer sun and the winter cold. 

Most of our marble and bronze statuary designs are executed in Pietrasanta, close to the source of the finest white Carrara marble. We have worked together with artisans there for three generations producing the finest works in hand chiseled marble or perfectly cast bronze.

While these mediums can be used indoors, we more commonly offer the warmth of a hand carved lindenwood for a special statue. Often times the statue is full round, but in many cases, we can produce a statue three-quarter round for placement on a wall, or even a relief.  Reliefs can be particularly effective in areas such as baptistries or Eucharistic shrines.

When used indoors, fiberglass can be painted to imitate a more expensive woodcarving.


Executed in marble, wood, bronze, or fiberglass

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original drawing

clay model

completed bronze statue

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Contact Richard Chartrand for details of subjects and sizes along with prices for your church or institution. We can work within your budget to produce beautiful statuary for your church or institution.

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