Before and after our restoration

For buildings of historic importance, we can replicate old wooden frames, usually in mahogany, or fine pine. Finely detailed gothic tracery need not be put aside in the restoration process. We can bring the windows and the frames back to their original scale and beauty.
We use Sussman custom made aluminum frames for new and restoration stained glass work. These are the standard of the stained glass industry. Shown here is a section of the #300 series which has two channels, one for the stained glass glass and the other for protective glass or Lexan polycarbonate glazing material. The center section allows for a proper insulation distance between the two glasses. There are two snap beads to allow for ease and installation and later repair. Our sample above and the window frames to the right are shown in the bronze finish and the installation to the upper right is in the colonial white finish. We can use a natural aluminum color as well.

Click here to visit Sussman's website for further frame information and technical details.


Stained Glass Restoration, Frames and Screens
Let us restore your precious old windows to like new condition. Our team has years of experience in this field.  First, we assess the project and give you a detailed report of what work should be undertaken.  Our quotation will price each portion of the work, each window, allowing you to choose the scope of project you wish to pursue.

Usually, we will remove the individual stained glass panels, return them to the shop, and disassemble each section.

Individual glass pieces are restored, repainted, or replicated if necessary, kiln fired, and then the entire panel is releaded with the addition of new support bars.

We can furnish new frames for your old windows. Frames for double glazing specially designed for your window openings will insure proper insulation values and allow ease of opening in ventilator sections.

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The wonderful opalescent leaded glass windows that are found in so many urban Victorian homes can be easily and lovingly restored. We have ample stock and resources for the glass and lead cames required for accurate recreations.

These illustrations are windows often found in stairwells or entrance door sidelights.

Our method of window protection brings the exterior protective glazing closer to the stained glass, allowing for better insulation. The architectural detail of the gothic tracery is left uncovered to be admired. The stained glass becomes more visible and less reflective than the other less satisfactory common installation.

In the heat of the summer, window ventilator sections can be left open to take take advantage of cooler night night air with the installation of basket screens to keep unwanted, birds, bats, or rodents from entering the building. Of course, the screens will protect the church building at any time of the year when fresh air is wanted.

Our basket screens can be made in new frame work or to fit any existing frame. They can be built to allow opening of any ventilator like the center pivot type shown here, or a ventilator that is hinged at top or bottom.


Before and after our restoration

New stained glass windows and new bronze finish aluminum frames.
St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Norwood, MA

The common method of exterior glazing protection is easier to install but less satisfactory in appearance.