This masterpiece was created  by the artist Cenni de Peppi, known as Cimabue in 1288 and was incorporated into the incredible frescoes of the magnificent church of Santa Croce, the large Franciscan Church in Florence, Italy. Cimabue is generally regarded as the last great Italian painter working in the Byzantine style and was the teacher of the other Italian master, Giotto. The large cross measures approximately 15' by 13' overall. It remained in this church all the years until it was severely damaged in the devastating flood of Florence in 1966. It now is housed in the Refectory of the Museum of the Opera di la Santa Croce. The original paint work was severely damaged and remains somewhat unrepaired. In 1976, the Crucifix underwent a major restoration, during which it was possible to conserve the remaining layers of paint.






Cimabue's crucifix is removed from Santa Croce after the 1966 flood.




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For centuries, this area around the town of Ortisei in the Val Gardena section of the Italian Dolomites has been the center of religious woodcarving.  Carvers from this town have created works for churches throughout Europe and the rest of the world. From Gothic style carved oak panels in Westminster Abbey, to fine statues in Boston, Massachusetts, Nativity figures for churches in Rome and carved reliefs of royal coats of arms, the tradition developed here assures the finest quality work today.


Executed by the talented craftsmen in Ortisei, Italy, in the style of the ancient master, Cimabue, The ancient crucifix is reproduced beautifully carved with a full round lindenwood figure on an artistically hand painted cross, decorated in gold and silver decoration. A masterpiece of old - available today.
Reproduced in three different sizes for you, the prices are
size of corpus 24" 36" 48"
size of cross 42"x38" 60"x54" 78"x71"




Shipping from Italy is additional. Let us know the size and your location, we can determine the final cost. Please allow approximately 90 days for delivery.