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We are pleased to furnish the finest quality bronze works available today. View the catalog pages for the complete showing of items including tabernacles, candlesticks, ambries, censers, processional crosses and crucifixes.

To the right we show Tabernacle No. 10TAB36 crafted in a two tone satin and high polish oven baked finish.  This large tabernacle measures 22-3/4" high, 18-3/4" wide and 15" deep. This is a new model, created this year. The door opening measures 14-3/8" high and 14-1/4" wide. It is silk and aromatic cedar lined, with independent action doors and a vault lock. As shown the cost is $11,125.00. In an all high polish finish, the cost is $11,890.00.

We can design something special for you or provide a rendering to show illustrate how this will look in your church.


















We show these four items to exhibit pieces typical of this factory. Both ambries are made of bronze with a low relief sculpted design. The doors on either side open for access to the holy oils. A 115 volt halogen light illuminates the interior. These combination satin and high polish ambries are oven baked for durability. The vessels are not included. The ambry below on the right measures 20" wide, 11-1/2" deep, by 18-7/8" high. The cost is $7,200.00 with the dome as pictured, or $6,450.00 without the dome.


The ambry immediately below measures 20-3/4" wide, 12-1/2" deep, by 18" high. The cost is $8,350.00 with the dome as pictured, or $7,450.00 without the dome.



This low bronze candlestick measures 4" high with a base that is 6-1/2" square. The candle socket takes a standard 1-1/2" diameter but can be changed on request. Furnished with a clear plexiglass wax catcher, these are $465.00 each.

The matching Paschal candlestick  is 44" high with a 12" square base. The candle socket takes a standard candle 1-15/16" in diameter, but can be changed to suit your needs. This costs $1,000.00. Both pieces have a satin bronze finish and are oven baked for durability.

There are other matching items in this series.
















This series of furnishings is made of satin bronze and nicely grained oak in a medium stain. The bronze is oven baked for durability and the candlesticks are furnished with plexiglass wax protectors. The usual candle sockets on the low candlestick take a 1-1/2" diameter candle and the Pascal candlestick socket takes a candle that is 1-15/16 in diameter. The sizes can be changed if needed.

Other options in this series are illustrated in the catalog linked to this page.










Chartrand Design represents the Empire Bronze Corporation and their Regal line of ecclesiastical metalware. Founded in 1960, Empire Bronze produces the finest line of bronze church furnishings in the country today. We can work with you to provide any of their finely crafted items for your church or we can develop specially design pieces that they will create for your worship space.

We show a few items on this page representative of what we can do for you. All of these pieces have an oven baked finish to assure durability and easy care. We can deliver any item to your door promptly.

Click here to see the entire Regal Bronze catalog. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or Email should you have any questions.

















The sanctuary lamp is 4-3/4" high with a 4-1/4" square base. The ruby globe shown is $80.00. The lamp is $300.00. The low candlestick is 4-1/4" high with a base 5-1/2" square. The candlesticks are $675.00 each. The three-lite candelabra shown is 6-1/2" high and 14" wide and costs $925.00 each. This is also available in five-lite which is 17" wide at $1,060.00 each and a seven-lite which is 19" wide and costs $1,195.00 each.

More items in this series are shown in the linked catalog.








This cast bronze symbol of the Lamb of God is made in two sizes - a smaller 10" high by 9" wide at $580.00 and a larger 18-1/2" high by 15-1/2" wide at $720.00. This might be suitable for wall mounting in the sanctuary area. Either size can be made for attaching from the rear or from the front, whichever is preferred. There are other cast bronze symbols shown in the catalog.




The lectern is 42" high to the bookrest. The bookrest is 24" wide by 18" deep. The lectern base is 18" wide and 14" deep. The cost is $3,635.00 as pictured with the handsome light fixture or $535.00 less without the light. The Paschal candlestick is available 44" high at $1,180.00 each or 48" high at $1,320.00. The low candlesticks are 4-1/4" high with a 6" square base and cost $335.00 each. The Baptismal font measures 37" high to the basin. The top surface is 23-1/2" square and the base is 16" square. The lift-off bronze cover has a shell ornament that serves as a handle. The inner basin is stainless steel and measures 15" in diameter by 6" deep. The cost of the Baptismal font is $4,000.00.


This is part of a coordinated series for your church. The handsome wheat and grape motif is executed in a high relief sculpted bronze in a statuary finish. The candelabra and candlesticks are furnished with sockets to take a standard 1-1/2" diameter candle. Clear plexiglass wax catchers are also furnished.















This single chain censer and boat has a lift-up cover and interior fire pot. These pieces are finished in a combination high polish and satin. The cost of the censer, boat, and spoon is $380.00. There other other models shown in the catalog linked below.







Call or Email Richard Chartrand with your inquiries. He will respond quickly to your requests.

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Do you have an old tabernacle, precious to your church, that is need of refurbishing? Let us refinish your tabernacle to like-new condition. We have a program where we send you the container, all packing materials, and arrange to have the shipping company pick up the items to deliver to the factory. Allow us a few weeks to completely disassemble your item, make any necessary repairs, refinish it like new and return it to you. Let us quote the price for you.

We can take old memorial tablets, vases, candlesticks, candelabras, processional crosses, and thuribles - and make them new once again.

Click here for the details of our refinishing program.

Click here to view the complete catalog of Regal bronzeware.

We will be happy to serve you.