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Bronze & Mosaic Tabernacle Restoration
For the Carmelite Nuns of Christchurch, New Zealand, we were commissioned to make a small monstrance, a gift to their community.
More recently, we made a duplicate monstrance for the community of Carmelite Nuns in New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland.

The completed monstrance measures 6½" high by 4½" in diameter and is all goldplated. There is a separate lunette to take a standard size host that is inserted on a track from the back.

Here we are hand engraving the coat of arms of the Carmelite community on the base.
Small Chapel Monstrance


Handcarved Coat of Arms

              St. Joseph's Cathedral              Manchester, New Hampshire

We were pleased to execute a handcarved coat of arms for the Bishop of the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, Most Rev. Peter Anthony Libasci. In keeping with tradition, this is placed above the cathedra, the bishop's chair in the cathedral. The handcarved panel is lindenwood, polychromed with gold and silver leaf ornamentation. From the original sketch the panel was carved in low relief and then decorated according to the prescribed coloration.


















Our project at a large Catholic parish was to create a small chapel for for daily Mass in the winter months - and small group liturgies and prayer services. We furnished forty upholstered chairs complete with kneelers and bookracks. The moveable chairs will allow for a flexibility of use. Our design included an ambo, presider's chair, prie-dieus, credence shelf, tabernacle with an oak bracket, sanctuary lamp, candlesticks and stations of the cross. The altar was one that the church found that was not in use.



















The photo to the right shows the mosaic area before restoration.
The door and frame was refinished in a two-tone gold finish and the lock was made to function once again with a specially ornamented key.

Work was completed on the interior to update the functionality.


Our project was to refinish this old bronze tabernacle safe and restore the mosaic inlay on the pediment. The tesserae had become detached and those remaining were covered in an adhesive material.


Click here for more information in regard to refinishing church metalware.
Stained Glass Window Restoration
Staging is necessary to reach the window 30' above the sanctuary floor.

Below, two broken panes, too small to repair, and the two replicated replacements. The intricate patterns and subtle coloring required six kiln firings




A summer storm sent a tree branch through the exterior protective glazing and a panel of stained glass at a large Manchester, New Hampshire church. This late 19th century building has four beautiful German windows dating back about 100 years.

We removed the entire panel and replicated the pieces that were destroyed.  Using small broken bits and old photos we restored the window to its former museum like appearance.

















Here, the restored panel is returned to the church.



Above, the completed restoration installed.




Benziger Brothers, Inc. was the oldest church goods firm in America having been founded in Switzerland in 1792. They were the leading publisher of Catholic books for years and years and branched out into the manufacture of church metalware in the third quarter of the 19th century in New York City. This silver chalice was made by the firm about 120 years ago and was recently discovered stashed away in a church closet.
Our work was to restore the silver calyx, secure all of the stones and plate the balance of the chalice in 24 karat gold. The project included the careful preservation of the engraving on the underside of the chalice with its inscription to the original owner back in 1892.

Why not let our experts restore that treasure that belongs in your church community? We can assure you of a job well-done.

The chalice before our restoration.























Handcarved Statue of Saint Margaret









We were called upon to create a statue of Saint Margaret in wood to complement an existing woodcarved statue in a large church. The building is a late 19th century Gothic structure with beautiful old stained glass windows from the Mayer Studio in Munich. High in sanctuary there is a window of St. Margaret. The window became the inspiration for our design.

From the window, we created a color rendering for the statue. Then our carver created a small clay model shown to the right,  called a bozzetto. Further to right, we show the carving just underway, with the bozzetto in the background.
Master carver, Matteo Moroder, is pictured to the left with mallet and chisel as he works on the lindenwood block.

To the right is the the detail of the carving completed after many hours of skilled work.

The statue is ready for the painter.

The handcarved statue, now richly decorated is finished. The model is 3/4 round with a flat back back, made to hang on a wall. Lightly painted with gilt and detailed ornamentation, the completed statue is shown to the right with a larger detailed photo to the left. Note the book with its ornate clasp and the rich decoration of the garments.















































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White Carrara Marble statue


We were called upon to create a statue of the Immaculate Conception for a church in Massachusetts. It was decided that the the work be life-size and  carved of white Carrara marble. Our design included a pedestal of red brick with a granite top that would harmonize with the church and rectory buildings nearby. As usual for a pedestal in this location, our work included the construction of a pier that reaches reached about 4' below ground level to ensure stability when the ground freezes and thaws during the winter months.


From our original design, the slab was quarried and brought to the shop in Pietrasanta, Italy. The slab on the bottom of our picture above left is the one we have used. It is the strictly first quality, selected for its white color and the lack of gray streaks. The block is roughly shaped by expert hands and finally finished with the chisel of a master carver. The statue was crated and shipped by boat to us in Boston where our crew delivered and installed the nearly 1000 lb. statue on the newly built pedestal.


























Small New England Chapel
The tabernacle, sanctuary lamp and candlesticks have a contemporary wheat motif symbolic of the Eucharist, crafted in an antique brass finish and were made in Spain. All of the wooden furnishings are made of American oak.


The Stations of the Cross are Romanesque in style and measure 12" by 12". Three of the fourteen are pictured here. These were created for this project in an antique bronze finish. Click here to see the entire set with finish options.
























Eucharistic Shrine
We created a design to refurbish the Eucharistic Shrine at this Massachusetts church. The beautiful Italian marble of the base and tabernacle is now complemented by the oak and velour baldachino. Here we show our original drawing and our completed work.
















Stained Glass Window Restoration
Our project here at this Episcopal Church was to restore this beautiful old stained glass window of the Annunciation created years ago by the Charles Connick Studios. Over time, the lead cames in the two lancets had deteriorated and the panels had buckled. We restored and releaded each panel and re-installed the window with the addition of clear Lexan® polycarbonate exterior glazing material to protect it from the elements and allow for an increased benefit in insulation value. The wooden frame was repaired and the glazing material was installed within the detail of the architectural form and not applied over the entire window opening. This makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Our photos show the entire restored window above, a detail of the work to the left, and to the right a view of the window from the outside with the renovated frame and its protective Lexan® protective glazing material in place.



















Two Oak & Botticino Marble Side Altars
About ten years ago, Richard Chartrand designed the Holy Table partly shown on the left for a Greek Orthodox church. This past year, the church wanted two additional side altars to match this previous work. Our design called for the same quality fine American oak with bases made of botticino marble from Italy.
The style of our work and the proportions were determined by the requirements of their liturgy. The resulting two altars are identical and include hidden storage space in the bases. Each has a canopy with a  goldleafed marble cross, dentil moulding at the top and and table surface, fluted columns and bases made of polished marble.  The resulting effort matches the older altar and gives the appearance that all three altars were created at the same time. The next project for this church was to install hanging candle lamps under each canopy and have their own iconographer provide his canvas painting to be installed on the back surface.

























Goldplated Communion Set
We furnished a handsome Communion Set for a church in Pennsylvania. The set consists of four Serving Chalices like the one pictured to the right, each measuring 5" high with a capacity of 6 oz. These are hand hammered and brightly goldplated with bases with alternating repousée panels of wheat and grapes. The matching Celebrant's Chalice has a capacity of 14 oz., is 6½" high and has a matching dish style paten 6¼" in diameter.

Two sets of three handled stacking ciboria with a similar wheat and grape motif complete the group. Each has a capacity of 300 hosts and measures 6½" in diameter. Each set of three has a cross topped lid and measures 8" high. 















Venetian Mosaic Station of the Cross

Pictured below on the left is the column empty of the old work. Two of the existing stations are pictured above. The large photo shows the new work as it was recently installed.


A New England monastery has an outdoor way of the cross that was executed about sixty years ago in Venetian mosaic. Over this period, station No. 12, The Crucifixion, had deteriorated from moisture that had permeated the stone column. It became a total loss and we were called upon to create a new panel to match the other thirteen stations. Our replacement was created on an aluminum panel with a bronze frame to prevent any dampness originating in the stone work from entering the mosaic panel. Our installation matches the older existing work.






















Statue of the Divine Mercy
This statue was commissioned for a church with a particular devotion to the Divine Mercy. Our model was made of fiberglass, measuring 4'0" high overall, full round and finished in the traditional colors. We also offer this model in a custom woodcarving at a higher cost.

On February 22nd, 1931 Jesus appeared to St. Faustina with rays radiating from His heart and said, "Paint an image according to the pattern you see, with the signature: Jesus I trust in You. I desire that this image be venerated, first in your chapel, and throughout the world." The two rays denote blood and water. The pale ray stands for the water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the blood which is the life of souls.




















Woodcarved Plaque of St. Joseph the Worker
This carved linden plaque was carved in high relief and richly polychromed in traditional colors and gold leaf. The intricate painted details blend with the Baroque style of the carving.

This was created for an entrance area to a small chapel in honor of Saint Joseph. The carving is 31" high by 16" wide.

















Custom Sanctuary Furniture in oak
For a New England church, we designed and executed a new Eucharistic Shrine, Ambo, and other furnishings to be in harmony with an existing oak altar. We show here copies of original drawings and some of the finished pieces. Custom designed furnishings have been our specialty for three generations.






























































Gold & Silver Plated Crozier
Oak Sanctuary Chairs


For a newly ordained bishop, we had the pleasure of furnishing a beautifully handcrafted crozier in a two-tone gold and silver finish. Measuring 72" high it is decorated with an intricate Celtic design. The tip of the crook and the node have cloisonné fire enameled cabochons. This type of work dating from the Middle Ages uses high heat to produce the enamels.

A specially made fitted case makes the crozier easy to transport.















For a beautiful Romanesque style church, we were commissioned to design and build a Presider's Chair and two Side Chairs and a platform.

These were made of oak, finished to match other furnishings in the church.

The two side chairs have seats upholstered in a subtle damask pattern fabric treated with a Teflon® finish to give good stain-free wear. The simple crosses on the backs are routed into the oak and gold leafed.

The presider's chair has arms, upholstered back and seat and a carved shield representing the parish coat of arms. This shield is gold and silver leafed.

The curved oak platform is finished for long wear and durability.


















Stained Glass Window Exterior Glazing
For a neo-Gothic New England brick church with beautiful old German stained glass windows, we were asked to provided protective glazing for all the windows, about ninety openings, and improve the appearance of the larger nave windows that had protective glazing material previously installed which was not aesthetically pleasing.
The old glazing was edged in an aluminum moulding that was installed in such a way that it covered the finely detailed tracery of the stone frames.

The glazing installed to protect the ventilators, was separate from the vents, which made the operation of these vents very awkward.



Below, we have pictured the window with the exterior glazing installed over the stained glass, now revealing the fine stone detail of the surrounding frame. The Lexan® glazing material is now applied directly to the ventilator section.
All of the stained glass windows in this church now are protected with with exterior glazing material. The Lexan® is cut to individual shapes and screwed and sealed in place, not disturbing the architectural integrity of the building.











































Gold & Silver Plated Monstrance
This monstrance was made for an Armenian church looking for a sacred vessel in a traditional style.

With a Eucharistic wheat and grape motif, this very finely detailed monstrance is 24k gold plated, with an antique silver finish node & ring on base. There are four ruby glass stones on face.

The monstrance measures 15-3/4" high with a 5-1/2" diameter base. There is a separate lunette to hold the host.

The fine detail is shown in the enlarged photo to the right.























Bronze Sanctuary Bells
This set of three bells is wall mounted by a sacristy door to announce the beginning of daily Mass. Made of sold bronze, the pull cord is easily reachable.

Made for a New Hampshire church, the bells were mounted on a wooden background with a memorial tablet added to it.





















Goldplated Ciborium
This beautiful Gothic style goldplated ciborium was made for a California church. It matches a chalice that was purchased some years ago.

The ciborium measures 9" high, has a cup diameter of 4-7/8" and a wafer capacity of 270.

The rich Gothic decoration features silver medallions of Mary, Joseph, and the Sacred Heart.

Handcarved Oak Bishop's Crozier
From our original design following our client's inquiry, to the final execution, this unique crozier was produced as a gift to celebrate the anniversary of a bishop. We have incorporated a carved Dove to represent the Holy Spirit and have detailed carvings of the Virgin Mary and the bishop's coat of arms on the node. The crozier was made in five sections and provided with a case for ease in portability.

     Stained Glass Window Restoration       Exterior Glazing Installation

For a Rhode Island church we were commissioned to restore twelve beautiful stained glass windows created by F.X. Zettler many years ago. Over the life of the windows, the leading had deteriorated and the panels had weakened and developed bulges. The ventilator sections were broken and the outdated complicated opening system was non-functioning.

We removed all of the panels, releaded the windows, sandblasted and refinished the frames and installed a proper opening system for the ventilators.

We replaced the exterior glazing with plate glass properly vented to avoid heat and moisture buildup between the stained glass and exterior glazing.

To the left we show the old ventilator opening system which was non-functioning. We removed the vents, sandblasted the steel frames and refinished them. We releaded and repaired the stained glass and installed easy functioning brass catches.
Below are photos of one of  the beautifully restored Zettler windows and an exterior view showing the new exterior glazing, properly vented and the now functioning ventilator sections.


         Gothic Style          Baptismal Font


A New England church had a treasured Gothic Style Baptismal Font that was made about 100 years ago. Crafted in wood and plaster, the typically ornamented top swiveled out of the way for access to a three-section white porcelain bowl. In those days the custom was to have cotton in one part, water to be poured in a second section and a third larger section with a drain to the ground below.
The parish wanted to use the font but felt that a single large bowl was more adapted to today's liturgy. Water could be poured over the candidate's head running into the one larger bowl.

We furnished a large hand-hammered heavy gauge copper basin with twelve rounded panels. We adapted the top of the font with an oak surface stained to match other oak furnishings in the church. The oak was treated with coats of a special marine finish to protect from water stains.

The result is a font precious in the history of the parish and entirely suitable for use today.

Now the cover lifts off for Baptisms, the beautiful copper bowl adds a simple dignity to the first sacrament. The bowl can be easily removed when necessary for water removal or polishing.
    Marble Statues of the Twelve Apostles

When this New England parish installed a beautiful white Carrara marble altar and reredos in their church about one hundred years ago, there were not enough funds available to complete the project. As shown in this old photo to the right, there were twelve empty niches, each made to hold a statue of an Apostle. Our task was to design and execute the statues in matching white Carrara marble in the right style and proportion for the niches and install them.


Here on the left we show a typical niche which allowed for a full round statue to be no more than 20" high and 4-1/2" wide. The base of the statue had to be formed to look appropriate to the existing plinth of the niche.

Our work began with the design of the twelve statues. The twelfth statue in this case is St. Paul, not one of the original twelve, but the saint most often represented to replace Judas in these cases.

With the approval of the designs, our work carried at the shop in Pietrasanta, Italy, located at the base of the Carrara quarries. Detailed specifications given to the master carvers ensure the proper execution. The Chartrand family has been associated with the Barsanti family here since 1918!

Here to the left is the statue of Saint Paul, as it was roughed out of the individual marble block. Compare this to the work, seventh from the left below.



Installation took place in one day at the church. The reredos is now complete with all of the Twelve Apostles easily identifiable as they were carved with the attributes traditionally attached to each. That is, for example, Saint Peter with the keys, Saint Paul with his sword and doubting Saint Thomas, pictured above eighth from the left, with his index finger ready to put into his Lord's side.

To the left the placement of the statues into the niches and below,  the beautiful marble reredos complete at last.

Let Chartrand Design work on your special project to make your church more beautiful.  We are happy to serve you.


Antique Chalice Restoration