Monstrance No. 1

This monstrance is typical of the French Gothic style so popular one hundred years ago and more. The six-sided base rises to a distinct node and display area of delicately crafted open tracery work. There is a removable lunette for the host that slides easily into place.

This monstrance measures 20-1/8" high by 8-1/2" wide and can be made in either brass or sterling silver. As pictured to the left, the monstrance is entirely goldplated, except for the figure of the Sacred Heart and the Dove, representing the Holy Spirit which are both silverplated. Other finishes are available on request.

In brass, 24 karat goldplated, the cost is $6,495.00. We are happy to quote a price on request using sterling silver in place of the brass, finished in a 24 karat goldplate.

This monstrance is handcrafted, allowing for custom modifications when required.

























Monstrance No. 2

This monstrance is the product of a master silversmith. Richly worked in minute detail the piece measures 21-1/2" high by 7" wide at the head. This is a treasure of rich Gothic filigree open work. The luna area is adorned with a colorful cloisonné fire enamel halo. The separate lunette is goldplated

Because of the great fluctuations in the silver market, we will quote the price for this made entirely of sterling silver, as shown.

Available in other finishes on request.




The word monstrance comes from the Latin monstrare meaning to show. Today, monstrance is the common term for the vessel in which the consecrated host is exposed for the adoration of the faithful.  it is highly probable that such vessels began to be constructed in the thirteenth century, and there are some of these still in existence — for example, an octagonal monstrance at Bari, Italy, bearing: the words "Hic Corpus Domini" — which may date from that time.

Our selection below is varied and only a sampling of what we can provide for you. Please contact us with your requirements and we will respond quickly to serve your particular needs.









Monstrance No. 3

This sleek contemporary monstrance is available in two different sizes:  18-1/8" high and 24" high.  Simple, clean lines mark this modern, brightly polished design. The luna box is ornamented with a green fire enameled halo. The separate lunette is all goldplated.

Gold Plated, 18-1/8” Ht.
$ 6,295.00
Gold Plated, 24” Ht.
$ 6,895.00

Also available:                                                                       Silver Plated, 18-1/8” Ht.
$ 5,995.00
Silver Plated, 24” Ht.
$ 6,595.00




















Monstrance No. 4

Perfect for the small chapel or oratory, this smaller monstrance has fine a finely chased decoration in a quatrefoil wheat and grapes motif. Made of brass and entirely plated in 24 karat gold, the monstrance measures 8-3/8" high.

The decoration around the head is carried through on the node and base. The separate lunette slides easily on its track and is also goldplated.
















Monstrance No. 5

This monstrance is shown in a two tone finish, brightly gold with a silver circular motif around the center and a nicely chased lamb motif on the base. This has a clean contemporary look, with a multitude of traditional rays emanating from the center. There is a separate goldplated lunette included with slides easily on its track.

Shown in brass, this piece measures 17-3/4" high by 10-3/8" wide. Other finishes are available on request.










We can  respond to your special requirements. Whether you wish a change in the design, size, or finish, we can develop detailed drawings for your approval. Our design experience goes back three generations, and our association with the Molina family in Madrid goes back over thirty years.

We will be happy to serve you.





Monstrance No. 6

Another smaller monstrance, with a grape and wheat motif, it is dignified in its simplicity, measuring 6-1/4" high.

All goldplated, there is a separate lunette that slides easily on its track and takes the standard 2¾" diameter host.
















Monstrance No. 7

This model made of brass is silverplated and measures 6-1/2" high by 4-1/2" in diameter. The separate lunette takes the standard 2¾" diameter host and is all goldplated.

This is very suitable for the small chapel or oratory.


Available in other finishes on request.














Monstrance No. 8

This monstrance has a contemporary flair to it, but with a feeling of the Gothic style. The wheat and grape motif, so suitable here is repeated on the base. Made in brass, the piece is all goldplated and measures 20-1/8" high. The separate lunette is also all goldplated.


Other finishes available on request.

















Monstrance No. 9

With a wheat and grape motif, this very finely detailed monstrance is 24k gold plated, with an antique silver node & ring on base. There are four ruby glass stones on face. The monstrance measures 15-3/4" high with a 5-1/2" diameter base. There is a separate acrylic glass lunette that inserts easily and takes the standard 2¾" diameter host.


With a simple clip-style lunette to hold the host, the cost is:
















Monstrance No. 10

With an old-world Gothic motif, this all goldplated monstrance stands 25" high with a base 6-1/4" wide. The simple glassless clip-style lunette holds any size host up to 5-3/4" in diameter. This is perfect for those using the larger size wafer.





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