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Featherock Foundation Houston, TX

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Portland, ME


Pictured below is a copy of an original sketch, a photo of one of our carvers at work with chisel in hand completing a large Carrara marble statue of the Queen of Heaven. The artisan is wearing the folded newspaper hat, the traditional mark of a skilled marble craftsman. To the right is a finished marble carving of the Holy Family.
We will work with you directly, or your architect or designer to create a design proper for your needs. For statuary, we proceed from a sketch to a clay model for your approval. For architectural works, such as railings, lecterns, altars, and pedestals, we will submit color renderings and samples of the materials to be used, all submitted for your approval.

Call or Email Richard Chartrand with your inquiries. He will respond quickly to your requests.

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The ancient Greeks and Romans found that marble was a marvelous substance for statuary.  Its almost elastic quality developed by sculptors down through the ages was perfected by Michelango and his  work in the marble quarried in the Carrara region of Italy. The pure white statuary quality stone is still available today and its location continues to be the source of material for our statues today.

These works will be made to your specifications, we are not restricted to mould sizes, rubber castings, or such.

Whether our work is architectural such as altars, lecterns, baptismal fonts, or hand chiseled statuary, our works are individually crafted from solid stone blocks.

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St. Thomas Church, Peabody, MA

Immaculate Conception Church Portsmouth, NH


This beautiful church has a handsome white Carrara marble reredos that was installed about 100 years ago. It was crafted with individual niches for statues of the Twelve Apostles. They were not installed at that time.
Richard Chartrand designed the renewed sanctuary using marble removed years before, a marble reredos and side altars from a nearby closed church and new work of Carrara marble for the Ambo and large Ambry in the nave area. The mosaic floor was restored and a new marble aisle installed as part of the same project.

It was our task to design, execute and install these statues a century later!

To the left is this completed work, below is a photo of four of the completed statues, and to the right our worker installing the perfectly proportioned statues in the niches.