.....And how can men be expected to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings! How welcome is the coming of those who preach the good news of His good things! But they have not all heeded the Gospel; for Isaiah says, Lord, who has believed (had faith in) what he has heard from us? So faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the preaching of the message that came from the lips of Christ the Messiah Himself.....                                                     Romans 10:15-17


Gospel Book Covers

If you send us your book, we will install the hinged covers at no charge.

With any order we can furnish a memorial text as shown here, on the opening page if it is suitable for your donor. This is done at no additional cost.

We show a typical text here.

For a number of churches, the importance of the liturgical use of the Book of Gospels followed the reforms of Vatican II. Many congregations carry the Book in procession at the beginning of their Liturgy. During the singing of the Alleluia, the deacon, or in his absence, the priest, removes the Book from the altar and processes with it to the ambo. The heightened attention to the Gospel reading marks the highpoint of the liturgy of the word. The book is a symbol of Christ, who is present, speaking to this Christian community, at this time and in this place.

How fitting is a beautiful handmade cover made of brass, in a gold or silver or combination finish to emphasize the importance of this Book all reminiscent of ages gone by in the history of the Church. The work on all is executed in a handcrafted repoussé.


We offer a number of styles to fit your Book of Gospels. If you have an edition like those pictured above, we can make a cover especially for you. We can adapt most of our styles to fit your edition at no additional cost. Using the guide to the right, let us know the height, thickness and width of the book and we will let you know what styles are available for you. Our typical measurements fit a volume from 13" to 14¼" high by 8½" to 9¼" wide by 1¼" to 1¾" thick.
All of the Gospel Book Covers cost the same. The finish selected determines the individual price.


Finish Price
Brass $1,995.00


Goldplated $2,295.00
Two-tone Gold/Silver $2,595.00

Custom clasps are available at $395.00 additional.

Above and to the left is pictured our Gospel Book Cover No. 1. It is shown in the brass finish priced at $1,995.00. Pictured are the Four Evangelists around a cross on which is the figure of Christ.

To the right is our Gospel Book Cover No. 2. This is shown in the combination two tone finish - gold and silver plate. Pictured are symbols of the Four Evangelists  with the Pantocrator in the center. As shown in this finish the cost is $2,595.00.

Our Gospel Book Cover No. 3, shown on the left, has a traditional representation of the Sacred Heart in hand worked  repoussé. This example is shown in the two-tone finish with the optional custom clasps. The cost is $2,990.00.


To the right is our Gospel Book Cover No. 4 shown in the goldplated finish. This is simply decorated with rays emanating from the figure of the Risen Christ. As shown, the cost is $2,295.00.


To the left is our Gospel Book Cover No. 5. This hand repousséd rendition of Our Lady of Guadalupe is in the two-tone finish. The cost of this cover is $2,595.00.

To the right is our Gospel Book Cover No. 6 which has a finely detailed representation of the Four Evangelists centered with a Crucifixion group with St. John and the Blessed Virgin Mary. As shown in the two-one finish, the cost is $2,595.00.


Below to the left is our Gospel Book Cover No. 7 which handsomely depicts the Pantocrator and symbols of each of the Four Evangelists. This cover is shown with custom clasps and a special fire cloisonné enamel border around the central figure. This special enamel work adds $1,385.00 to the price for a total cost of $4,375.00. Like the other styles, this design can be made for you in the regular brass finish at $1,995.00.

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