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Would a white Carrara marble statue be just right for your garden or hall? Would a pair of large urns frame your entranceway perfectly? Our creations are made of solid materials, not cast stone or cement.

We will work with you or your architect or designer to come up with a perfect solution for your home.

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File:Canova-Three Graces 0 degree view.jpg
To the left, we show the famous work by Antonio Canova - The Three graces. The original piece is now on display at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This Neo-Classical sculpture of the mythological daughters of Zeus said to represent beauty, charm and joy. The piece itself is carved exactingly from a single slab of white marble.

The lines are exquisite, refined and elegant, as the three goddesses are shown huddled close together in embrace, their heads almost touching. They stand, leaning slightly inward perhaps discussing a common issue, or simply enjoying being close to one another. Their hair-styles are all similar, with the hair braided and held on top of their heads in a knot.


Call or Email Richard Chartrand with your inquiries. He will respond quickly to your requests.

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Our copy of Canova's work is an accurate replication, delicately carved ready for your garden. The overall height of the finished work is 5'2". Executed in a white marble, you can have your own treasure.

This work is very specially priced at $9,100.00 F.O.B. the port of Miami, Los Angeles, or Boston. We take care of all crating, shipping and customs brokerage details. We can arrange shipping to your home for your local  people to install.