The fireplace might be the focal point of your home. With fine detail in your woodworking, drapery treatments, and furniture, a proper mantelpiece could be the decorative and practical necessity to achieve a design statement.

White Carrara marble is often used for mantelpieces. However, there are many other choices to consider, perhaps a green like Verde Issorie, a warm veined beige like Botticino, or the traditional Roman Travertine.

For the fireplaces in your home or office
We will be pleased to work with you, your designer, or architect to produce a fine fireplace mantel for your home or office. With the necessary dimensions, we can produce a design for your approval, submit a quotation and suggest the color and type of marble that will be best in your surroundings. Our work will include all the marble pieces necessary for a proper installation.
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You are not limited to a few standard designs. We want to design a mantelpiece just for your home that is just the right form and scale for its surroundings. We can work from your simple sketches to produce a finished color rendering for your approval. We will submit samples of the actual marble material that we suggest for your work.

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The elegant mantelpiece below is handcrafted in Sunset Red marble. Beautifully detailed, this measures 6'4" wide, by 4'4" high and 12" deep. The special price of the completed piece, F.O.B. the port of Miami, Boston, or Los Angeles is $6,500.00.