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Here we are offering two models for your consideration.

Model number 1902 by Kostner is pictured above in the stable, the individual figures are shown below to the left.  These figures are available as custom wood carvings or cast fiberglass figures. The figures, whether wood or fiberglass, are like in appearance and are decorated in the traditional manner by the same artisans.  The fiberglass figures are suitable for outdoor use at  Christmas, when they have some type of weather protection.

Model number 1950 by Ivo Demetz is also available in five different sizes. The set is shown in a stable at the bottom of this page with the individual figures directly below this column. This set is only available in a cast fiberglass composition.

Both models are executed in five different sizes. The measurement given for the size is the height of an average standing piece. Our prices are F.O.B. the shop in Ortisei, Italy. The village of Ortisei is Europe's center for woodcarving. It is located in the Italian Dolomites, the South Tyrol near the Austrian border. Our contacts here go back to 1910. These artisans have carried on this tradition for many generations, going back to the 15th century.

We take care of all packing and shipping, transportation documents, and delivery to your church. We arrange for the U.S. Customs entry. Your church is qualified to import these figures free of duty. We are pleased to furnish your church with individual figures or complete sets.

Please contact us by telephone or Email and we will confirm availability, price, and delivery details.

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Click here for the available sizes and pricelist for the figures of set No. 1950.


“.....Mary gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the place where travelers lodged.”

Let us furnish you with a beautiful nativity set - handcrafted in Italy. If you wish, make a start with three pieces and add accompanying pieces over the years to complete a collection to be treasured.

Or, do you have a crèche presently and wish to add pieces to complete a wonderful display? We can deliver individual pieces, in the proper size, either carved in wood or cast in fiberglass.

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Nativity Model No. 1950

Nativity Model No. 1902
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Plan ahead for Christmas, 2018 delivery.
According to common belief, St. Francis of Assisi is credited with beginning the tradition of nativity figures. In 1223, at an outdoor Mass at Christmas in Greccio, near Assisi, Francis gathered a manger, ox and donkey, in front of which to celebrate an outdoor Mass. The public response was prayerful and immediate and the custom was born. It was in the South Tyrol, around Ortisei and Bressanone in the province of Bolzano, north of Venice, that woodcarved figures were produced during the period of the Renaissance from the demand of the courts in the area of what is now Italy and Austria. These figures were usually handcarved wood, sometimes with moveable limbs, and occasionally made of paper maché. The demand increased and in succeeding years these figures reached from the South Tyrol throughout Europe and beyond to the New World.