St. Francis of Assisi

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Holy Family

We are happy to work with you in your bronze statue project. We can produce a design and wax model at your specifications for your approval. Let us know your ideas and we will produce a finished statue to be a lasting tribute in your community or at your home.

Call or Email Richard Chartrand with your inquiries. He will respond quickly to your requests.

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Throughout the centuries, bronze has been the prime medium for producing outdoor statuary of a lasting nature. This alloy of copper and tin has properties that allow for great sculptural detail, and finishes that develop beautiful patina over time. This alloy has the quality that oxidation only occurs on the outer layer giving a permanence of time. The lost wax process that was started with the ancient Greeks, was perfected during the Renaissance, and is the method we use today in creating fine cast bronze works.

Here, we start with a wax model of the statue, complete in every detail. A mold is made in a flexible rubber material reinforced in a plaster covering. A wax model is made from the mold and wax rods are connected to this. A ceramic outer shell is cast over this wax base.  Placed in a kiln, the piece is heated until the wax runs out and in its place molten bronze is poured. The space that was wax rods allow the molten wax to dissipate. The cooled casting set free from the ceramic shell, is cleaned, and finished in a uniform patina and ready for crating.

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Perfect for outdoors is this genuine cast bronze full round statue of Saint John Paul II. The work measures 6'0" high and it is created using the traditional lost wax process. The permanence of bronze makes the wonderful detail come to life.

The cost is $19,900.00 F.O.B, the shop in Italy.

This model is also available in a resin - the same size in either a white marble finish, a bronze finish or painted in traditional colors. The cost is $8,950.00, F.O.B. the shop. Call us for the delivery details.


In stock - Ready to ship...

St. Francis of Assisi

We have two of these cast bronze statues in stock, a standing figure of Francis holding a dove in his left hand, both measuring 24" high.

One is 3/4 round, ready to be mounted on a wall surface. This costs $2,150.00, FOB the shop.

The other is a full round statue and is specially priced at $2,700.00, F.O.B. the shop.

These special items are subject to prior sale.  Let us know your location and will estimate the shipping costs for you.

Bronze statue of St. Gabriel designed and executed for the baldachino at St. Augustine Cathedral, Bridgeport, CT.