Finishes for Fiberglass Statuary
This statue is one of many models produced in Fiberglass in Ortisei, Italy by our associates of the Demetz Art Studio. Like all the models, this is made in three different finishes.

The Bronze finish and the White Marble finish are suitable for outdoor use. The Color finish, approximating the finish of a finely woodcarved statue, is available only for indoor use.

Below we have pictured the reproduction model, created in fiberglass, which is available in two sizes, 3'0" and 4'0".

The Madonna of Bruges, Belgium by Michelangelo


Only one of Michelangelo's masterpieces in Carrara marble left Italy in his lifetime.  It now sits in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges, Belgium. Here, Jesus stands upright, almost unsupported, only loosely restrained by Mary's left hand, and appears to be about to step away from his mother and into the world. Meanwhile, Mary does not cling to her son or even look at him, but gazes down and away, as if she knows already what is to be her son's fate.

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