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The Son of Man came to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.  Mk 10:45

"These words were the blueprint for living of the seven Blessed men and women that the Church solemnly enrolls this morning in the glorious ranks of the saints. With heroic courage they spent their lives in total consecration to the Lord and in the generous service of their brethren. They are sons and daughters of the Church who chose a life of service following the Lord."

This was the introduction on October 21, 2012, as Pope Benedict XVI announced the canonization of the seven, James Berthieu, Pedro Caliungsod, John Baptist Piamarta, Maria of Mt. Carmel Salles y Barrangueras, Marianne Cope, Anna Schaffer, and Kateri Tekakwitha.

Kateri was born in today’s New York state in 1656 to a Mohawk father and a Christian Algonquin mother who gave to her a sense of the living God. She was baptized at twenty years of age and, to escape persecution, she took refuge in Saint Francis Xavier Mission near Montreal. There she worked, faithful to the traditions of her people, although renouncing their religious convictions until her death at the age of twenty-four. Leading a simple life, Kateri remained faithful to her love for Jesus, to prayer and to daily Mass. Her greatest wish was to know and to do what pleased God. She lived a life radiant with faith and purity. She is the first Native American saint.


The full sized statue of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha shown to the right is carved in lindenwood and lightly painted in traditional colors. This life-like work is also available in a like-looking fiberglass and resin casting at a lower price, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The costs are:

Carved in lindenwood, full round figure, in traditional colors:
Size 3' 0" 4' 0" 5'0"  
Price $3,600.00 $5,310.00 $7,830.00  
Cast in fiberglass and polyester resin, in traditional colors:  
Size 3'0" 4'0" 5' 0"
Price $2,420.00 $3,380.00 $5,140.00
Cast in fiberglass and polyester resin, in white marble or bronze finish:
Size 3'0" 4'0" 5'0"
Price $1,935.00 $2,700.00 $4,110.00

Call us or send us an email for time and shipping details from Ortisei, Italy to your location.

Of course, we can create something special for you in marble, cast bronze, stained glass, Venetian mosaic, or handcarved wood.

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Shown to the left is our painter applying the finishing touches to a woodcarved statue of St. Kateri Tekakwitha.

From the studio the statue with be crated for shipment to our location on the United
States for delivery to you. We take care of all shipping and customs clearance details.